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Schoeny Presents Past & Present

Apr 30, 2019

I dig deep into my experiences with religion as an early teen and discuss HOW THE FUCK EVERYONE GOT HERPES AT COACHELLA!?!





AGR Workout: 



Apr 28, 2019

Social Media, Women, Nightclubs, and MURDER.  Got an unexpected murder confession on this wonderful episode, my boy Scoop out here rooting for his ex to jump into traffic and eating ass just to live.  Happy Easter.  PS The Tasteless Gentlemens 100th Episode is live!!!!


Apr 24, 2019

Apparently, Bradley can blackout on Kombucha and it takes me 10 minutes to figure out which one of my exes he's banged.  Our good friend Arlene joins us and adds her two cents in about watching porn with your significant other.

Apr 17, 2019

Dom and I have a very colorful conversation about what it's like to be open-format DJ's, why we have beef with each other AND how we'll squash it.  Dom always brings the heat and I'm glad he's my guest this week.





Apr 11, 2019

HUGE EPISODE RIGHT HERE!!!  I have my buddies Chris Marti (Real Estate), Kyle Flesch (Touring DJ) & David (Sound & Lighting Parq Nightclub) on the podcast and we chat about some very interesting topics.  From getting kicked out of clubs to getting tazed, to pre-recorded sets by mainstage djs, this episode is a beast....