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Schoeny Presents Past & Present

Mar 27, 2019

Well ladies and gentlemen, from the same guy that brought you THE BOOB EPISODE, Bradley from The Tasteless Gentlemen brings you THE PROSTATE EPISODE...  (we cover other topics too, don't worry)

DJ Schoeny:





Mar 21, 2019

Ayeee... Solo Cholo is back!!!  I answer your questions off Ig and tackle some pretty...INTERESTING topics.

DJ Schoeny





AGR Workout: 



Mar 13, 2019

Another banger of an episode with Scoop from The Tasteless Gentlemen.  We discuss why boner pills will give you a heart attack and why you shouldn't visit the tiger kingdom in Thailand.  Also, we discuss some topics and answer your questions on Instagram.

The Tasteless Gentlemen 


Mar 6, 2019

He's Xzibit's official tour DJ and has residencies all over the world including places like Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Vietnam.  I recently attended the E&R awards in San Diego and saw that Fingaz had some strong opinions about the event.  I was very confused about why he had such strong negative...

Mar 1, 2019

Watch this episode on TTG Youtube:

***On this episode of The Tasteless Gentlemen Show, Bradley, Alex, Dom and Scoop are in studio with special guest Schoeny to answer your questions on "Why Do Bitches!?" New shirt designs are going up all the time. They help fund the...