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Schoeny Presents Past & Present

Jan 30, 2019

Alex and I chat about which Fyre Festival doc was the best and what it would take to get a sugar mama to sponsor the podcast.

The Tasteless Gentlemen 

Alex : @famousfuckboi




Jan 24, 2019

My first returning guest had to be the one and only Scoop of The Tasteless Gentlemen.  This episode we get deeper into our military past and some of our PTSD issues.  I try and convince Scoop that Rampage was a terrible movie and we play the first installment of "guess the network" where my guests guess the network of...

Jan 16, 2019

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN  ! ! ! ! this has to be the most entertaining episode of this podcast.  I sit down with Tawny who is a recovered meth addict, now living in Las Vegas stripping for a living. She went to burning man and had a life changing experience (and that's the boring part of the convo hahaha)


Jan 12, 2019

I should change the thumbnail image to a parental advisory logo because this episode is about to get dark.  Donny O'Malley, author, director, actor and all around funny guy.

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